Ukrainian and international companies, research centers and laboratories are always willing to hire graduates of the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnologies.

More than 80% of graduates work using their education.

To date, the institute has trained more than 6 000 chemists, including foreign students. More than 20% of our graduates have PhD degrees. Our graduates work in 35 different countries!

The competitive advantage of the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnologies is the professional training of chemists and biochemists, whose diplomas are recognized in the labor markets of leading countries: USA, Canada, European Union, Israel and others.

Future employment of graduates of Chemists:

  • laboratories for product quality analysis of chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and coke, metallurgical industries;

  • laboratories of chemical, ecological, medical profiles, food industry and quality control of raw materials, products and intermediates;

  • laboratories of supermarkets, bakeries, confectioneries;

  • regional, city and district sanitary-epidemiological stations, water supply systems;

  • research forensic laboratories of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, customs control;

  • institutions of secondary, vocational and higher education;

  • departmental research institutes and research centers of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, including “Arterium” Corporation, “Infuziia” Pharmaceutical Company, “Synbias” LLC, “YENAMIN” LLC, “Ukrorhsyntez” LLC, “Khimlaborreaktyv” LLC, “Perfumery and Cosmetics Association of Ukraine”, “Konti Group”, “AVK” and many others.

Primary positions of graduates: quality control engineers, laboratory assistants, chemists-ecologists, chemists-analysts, heads of laboratories, forensic experts, teachers in higher education institutions and vocational schools, teachers in secondary schools, researchers, etc.

Employment of biology graduates of Biologist:

  • enterprises and institutions protecting the natural environment;

  • green construction companies and phytodesign studios;

  • forensic laboratories;

  • Department of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Oncohematology, Embryology, Prenatal Diagnostics (specialists);

  • medical institutions (laboratory doctors);

  • plant protection stations;

  • enterprises for growing edible mushrooms and green building;

  • reserves, sanctuaries;

  • quarantine service systems;

  • commercial structures and advertising agencies for the sale of plants and plant materials as experts or consultants;

  • institutions that are subordinated to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine;

  • zoo- and phytoparasitological laboratories;

  • commissions on ecological safety;

  • water resources agencies of Ukraine;

  • fish protection inspections of aquatic bioresources of Ukraine;

  • water and soil monitoring laboratories;

  • laboratories of food and processing industries;

  • environmental specialists at industrial, energy, transport and agricultural enterprises;

  • public and private fisheries agencies;

  • research institutions and research and production institutions;

  • higher and secondary education institutions, etc.

Employment of the Department of Teacher Training, Physical Culture and Education Management graduates:

The field of employment for graduates of educational programs “Management of an educational institution in the field of education and industrial training” and “Higher school pedagogy” are:

  • various forms of higher education institutions;
  • scientific and pedagogical institutions;
  • institutions of advanced training and postgraduate education in the field of education;
  • institutions of preschool, general secondary, out-of-school education.