Research in the field of chemistry is carried out within the framework of the activity of the scientific schools of the departments.

The Scientific School of the Department of Biophysical Chemistry and Nanobiotechnologies was founded by Academician R. Kucher. Current research issues are radical-chain reactions of oxidation of organic compounds with molecular oxygen in the aquatic environment and development of safe bioantioxidants (Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor O. Shendryk); creation of new systems for the generation of active radicals for use in wastewater treatment processes (Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Opeida). Synthesis of epoxy-inorganic nanocomposites, as well as copolymers and establishing the structure-properties of the obtained materials are another area of activity of the department (Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor S. Zhyltsova, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor V.  Melnychenko).

Scientific School of the Department of Inorganic, Organic and Analytical Chemistry was started by corresponding member M. Mokhosoiev (synthesis and properties of complex oxide systems), the first rector of the university, academician L. Lytvynenko (reactivity of nucleophiles and mechanisms of nucleophilic substitution reactions) I. Shevchuk School (extraction with organic solvents). Nowadays, the department has the scientific schools of inorganic chemistry: polyoxometalates of rare and rare earth elements (Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor H. Rozantsev), solid state chemistry (Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor Y. Hetman), Organic Chemistry: Development of Quantitative Theory of Reactivity of Organic Compounds (Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor I. Shpanko, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor O. Shved), Analytical Chemistry: Chemistry environment, separation and concentration of substances (Candidate of Science in Chemistry S. Radio).

We actively cooperate with the institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the National Sectoral Academies of Sciences of Ukraine, and have close links with the universities of France, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, USA, Canada, etc.

Research activities in the field of biology and ecology are carried out at the departments in accordance with the existing fundamental and applied projects, and aimed at solving topical issues of botany, ecology, zoology, plant physiology and biochemistry, biomonitoring, biophysics, modeling of processes in biotology, biotechnologies .

The scientific activity of the Department of Botany and Ecology is aimed at studying the current state of flora (flowering plants, alga flora, bryo flora) and vegetation. Study of plant ecology, plant relationships in populations, biocenoses, including artificial ones (agrophytocenoses, crop phytocenoses, etc.). Plant resistance to environmental factors. Questions of vegetative propagation of rare ornamental plants, introduction of plants, including with valuable economic qualities. Influence of physical factors on the growth processes of fungi and plants. And on the study of the species diversity of Vinnytsia’s microflora.

Scientific studies of the Department of Zoology are developing in the following areas:

Biological Dock Science School. Sciences, Professor Algimantas Paulauskas is associated with the study of genetic diversification of species in natural populations, including under the influence of anthropogenic factors, as well as the processes of pathogenesis. Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Kavun Eduard studies the interference of physical and chemical signals in invertebrates, their importance and role in orientation and communication among insects; as well as the state of natural and artificial ecosystems under anthropogenic pressure. Candidate of Biological Sciences, Ihor Berezovskyi is working on the development of methods for the prevention of parasitic diseases of freshwater fish in the reservoirs of Vinnytsia Oblast. Ovchynnykova Yuliia takes part in the development of the Ecological and Emerald Network of Ukraine, in the development of practical steps for biodiversity conservation, the study of certain invertebrate species in the ecosystems of the Eastern Podillia.

The scientific activity of the department of teacher training, physical culture and management of education is aimed at studying the issue of management of educational environment of professional development of management and pedagogical workers. The purpose of the study is to develop a theoretically grounded and experimentally proven system for managing the educational environment of teachers’ professional development. A leading idea of ​​the research concept is the understanding that improving the mechanism of management of teachers’ professional development environment in the educational institution through the introduction of an appropriate system, which is substantiated at all levels of methodological analysis, is a necessary prerequisite for improving the quality of their professional competence.

Scientific research of the Department of Teacher Training, Physical Culture and Management of Education are developing in the following directions: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department Liliia Martynets studies the professional development of teachers in educational institutions, creation of educational environment and management. Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Inna Zarishniak works on the use of innovative forms and methods of introduction in educational process of educational institutions. Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor Viktor Strelnikov is working on the development of recommendations on the use of modern technologies of education in higher educational establishments of Ukraine. Considers intensive learning technologies: modular technologies as open learning systems; technologies of research (heuristic) training; imitation teaching technologies – social-psychological training, discussion technologies of training; cooperative learning, cooperation learning technologies; projective education.

Scientific publications

“Bulletin of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University. Chemical Sciences Series” (Certificate of State Registration of Print Media, Series КВ №22702–12602PR from 04.05.2017).
ISSN 2617-0868 (Print Version)
ISSN 2617-0876 (Online Version)

International Scientific Conference for Students and Young Scientists “Current Chemical Problems”

Every spring, at the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnologies of Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University, a scientific conference for students and young scientists “Current Chemical Problems” is held.

Scientific publications

Book of scientific works “Actual problems of management of education and educational institutions”