For applicants

For applicants

The Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnologies enrolls students in three degrees of specialty education 091 “Biology”, 101 “Ecology”, 102 “Chemistry”, 073 “Management” and 011 “Educational, pedagogical sciences”:

– “Bachelor” (educational programs “Biology”, “Biochemistry”, “Chemistry”, “Ecology” term of study 4 years (on the basis of complete general secondary education) and educational program “Biology” term of study 2 years 10 months (on the basis of “Junior Specialist”));

– “Master” (educational programs “Analytical chemistry”, “Biology”, “Biochemistry”, “Ecology”, “Chemistry”, “Physical chemistry” term of study 2 years and educational programs “Biology”, “Ecology”, “Management of educational institution in the field of education and industrial training “,” Pedagogy of higher education “term of study 1 year 4 months);

– “Doctor of Philosophy” (educational program “Chemistry”, term of study 4 years).

Bachelor’s degree

Educational qualification level of a person who, on the basis of complete general secondary education, has obtained basic higher education, fundamental and special skills and knowledge regarding the generalized object of work (activity), sufficient to fulfill the tasks and duties (activities) of a certain level of professional activity, which are intended for primary positions in a particular activity.

Recruitment of students is carried out on a budget (by state order) and contract basis. The faculty has a full-time and part-time, short-form (based on a junior specialist diploma) basis.

The period of study on the basis of complete general secondary education is 4 years. The term of study on the basis of the diploma of the junior specialist in the corresponding to the direction of preparation of the specialty is 2 years 10 months.

The person who has received the bachelor’s degree, after passing the entrance examinations on a competitive basis, has the right to continue education on a budgetary or paid form of study (depends on the number of budgetary places and personal success of the applicant) in order to obtain the next level – master’s degree.

A Bachelor’s Degree is a testament to the acquisition of a full basic higher education. It gives the graduate the right to take up positions in the employment that require the presence of higher education in accordance with their qualification requirements.

Master’s degree

A master’s degree is an educational and qualification level of a specialist who, based on the qualification of a bachelor (specialist), has acquired in-depth special knowledge and skills of research and innovation character, has some experience of their application and production of new knowledge for solving problematic professional problems in a certain branch of economy.

The master’s program is based on in-depth specialization, individualization, research.

It is focused on training specialists for research and teaching activities, for work in the field of science-intensive technologies.

A characteristic feature of a master’s degree should be a high level of methodological culture, creative mastery of methods of cognition and activity, solving of non-standard, innovative problems.