Department of Botany and Ecology

The department trains specialists in the specialties «Biology» and «Ecology». The department provides students with basic classical training in botany, ecology, genetics, plant physiology, microbiology and biotechnology, molecular biology, cytology, mycology, teaching methods of special subjects, bioethics and biosafety. The training program includes general and specific disciplines. Along with the acquisition of fundamental knowledge, much attention is given to the comprehensive practical and professional training of students. In the course of studies, students do field, research and production and assistant training practices. Such training allows graduates to work in research institutions of the Academy of Sciences system, laboratories of food industry enterprises, state reserves, nature protection inspections, ecological safety and quarantine services, enterprises for the edible mushrooms cultivation and sustainable building, sanitary and epidemiological service and higher educational establishments etc.

Head of the Department

Mashtaler Oleksandra

Associate Professor of the Department of Botany and Ecology, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor

History of the department

The modern department of botany and ecology was formed by combining two departments: botany and ecology and plant physiology and biochemistry.
The Department of Botany and Ecology was established in 1965. The first head of the Department of Botany of the former Donetsk Pedagogical Institute was Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Feldberg Klavdia (headed from 1965 to 1967). The range of scientific interests – experimental mutagenesis of woody plants, as well as medicinal plants of Donbass – was reflected in more than 40 works, among them the monograph “Table grape varieties in Donbass”, scientific articles.

Educational programs

Educational program “Biology” Bachelor’s Degree

Educational program “Biology” (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees). The purpose of the educational program “Biology” is to train highly qualified specialists capable of carrying out research, development and production activities on the study and conservation of wildlife and the use of biological systems. The program offers training for independent activity, which requires extensive knowledge in the field of biology and advanced professional specialization, as well as research and scientific-pedagogical skills.

Educational program “Biology” (Master’s Degree)

Biology is the science of the future. That is why the experts who know modern methods of rational biological resources use and posess knowledge about the processes of biological production, planning and research in bioengineering, biomedical, biotechnological and environmental activities are most demanded ones. Also, our biologists explore the possibility of restoring bioresources and recycling organic waste using biotechnology. That is why the graduates of Vasyl’ Stus Biological Faculty of DonNU have significant employment opportunities in various fields of production and science.

Specialty 101 “Ecology”

Educational Program «Ecology» (Bachelor’s Degree)

The Ecology educational program is aimed at developing a complex of knowledge, skills and competencies for students to apply in professional activities in the field of ecology, environmental protection and sustainable management of nature recourses. Students of this specialty create a new ecological environment of independent Ukraine. If you want to learn how to implement environmental management and environmental policy in the field of environmental protection, conduct environmental monitoring, obtain modern methods of environmental protection systems operation and design and  up-to-date knowledge of environmental law and inspection, then the Faculty of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnogies is waiting for you!

Educational program “Ecology” (Master’s Degree)

The program is based on scientific results, with regard to the current state of ecology and other natural sciences and is aimed at acquiring the skills and knowledge of ecology and environmental protection. The students the program are expected to master basic fundamental disciplines, important for understanding natural processes, building the competencies needed to monitor, research and manage natural and human-induced processes.