Associate Professor of the Department of Biophysical Chemistry and Nanobiotechnologies

Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor


  • Graduated from Donetsk National University, specialty “Chemistry”, obtained a master’s degree in chemistry, teacher (2005).

  • Defended thesis for a candidate degree in chemistry “Epoxy-silica nanocomposites of anhydride curing, obtained using the sol-gel method” and received the degree of Candidate of Chemical Sciences in specialty 02.00.06 “Chemistry of macromolecular compounds” (2012).

  • Received the title of Associate Professor in 2016.

  • Three times was included in the “TOP-40” rating of university lecturers.

  • Teaches chemistry of polymers, food chemistry, chemistry of nanomaterials, information technology and statistical methods in chemistry.

Research interests

  • Research interests include the synthesis of epoxy nanocomposites using the sol-gel method and the study of the structure and properties of the obtained materials.

  • A new direction is investigation of the efficiency of the oxidizing action of hydrogen peroxide in the presence of transition metal ions.

Scientometric databases

Scientific publications

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